Afraid of parking in that tiny parking space? Worry never again.
No Dings is a removable car door protector that works on any car.

$70 Is a lot cheaper than a Body Shop

I'm a southern boy originally. I moved to LA in search of greener pastures. You know what I found? Lots of parking lots. Tiny little parking lots that my big ol' truck could barely squeeze into. I decided to buy a fancy new car. What did I get? I'll tell you what I got. Dings and dents from dozens of other cars trying to squeeze into those tiny little parking spaces next to me.

What to do . . . Wait! I have an idea. What if I put a door protector on my car? There was one out there. It used magnets. My car was fiberglass and aluminum. It wouldn't stick So I decided to make one myself. While patting myself on the back (for my pure genius of course), a guy at the gym in a Mercedes offered me $100 for it. "Is it for sale?" He asked. Heck yes, it's for sale. Then I made another one. And then it dawned on me.

No Dings is a patent pending (utility and design), removable car door (and bumper) protector. People love their cars. People don't love dings and scratches the can get from their careless parking neighbors. When you pull up to the under-sized parking space, No Dings will create that extra layer of protection when the neighboring car's owner returns.

While cracking the car door, insert the tab of the unit vertically into the opening, and then shut the door. No Dings will be Attached horizontally, protecting four feet of your car. No Dings is sold in packages of pairs ( one for each side). No Dings has a unique competitive advantage, as it works on all cars (as apposed to the competition) and it has a large profit margin. I say advantage, meaning the only competition uses magnets. Magnets don't work on aluminum or fiberglass. Below is a list of cars (taken off a paint and bodyshop website) with aluminum bodies.